The Arma 3 Stuff I Use

Here are some lists of the mods, scenarios, maps, and server sets I use most.  Hopefully these lists will help you get dialed in and playing faster.
Many of my scenarios pull from a standard collection of mods - called the Dudley Master List, or DML for short.  While the mods needed are listed in each scenario, sometimes you need a little advice on the load order of these mods.  Below is a file you can download that is the mod preset list you can import right into your ARMA 3 launcher.

If you've never imported a mod preset before do this:
  • Download the file below.  It's a simple HTML document.  Save it somewhere on your computer where you can find it.
  • Open ARMA 3.  When the launcher starts, click on MODS on the left side.
  • Now click on the Preset button on the upper right.  At the bottom of that window is the 'IMPORT' button.
  • Click on IMPORT, then navigate to where you saved this downloaded list.
  • ​Tada!  You now have the mods list ready to load... assuming you have subscribed to all of them off of STEAM and Armaholic that is.

Warrior   by Kid Rock

Rather than list them all here, just go to my DML Collection on STEAM.  They are all there just waiting for you.

My Steam Favorites, and there are a bunch!

Warrior   by Kid Rock

These are links to the maps and terrain sets I use most often, whether it was in designing my own scenarios, or I was required to have them for other scenarios and such.
All of the maps I use so far are favorites on Steam

American Soldier   by Toby Keith


These are links to the scenarios that make up my first 'Campaign' for Arma 3.  Also included is a list to the content you will need to run the campaign.  Some of these are duplicates of some of the content listed in my general MODS section above. If you downloaded them before, there is no need to do it again from here... same stuff.
Scenario 1: Team Sabre - Not Finished Yet
Scenario 2: Team Trident - Not Finished Yet

Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue   by Toby Keith

Scenario 3: Team Dagger - Not Finished Yet
Scenario 4: Team Buzzsaw - Not Finished Yet
These are links to that are some of the finest for gameplay in a 'realism' focused environment.  Some require you to apply or meet certain qualifications before you can play on them.  This is to ensure the quality of gameplay doesn't suffer, and I'm good with that!  They each have their own mod set requirements... please check their websites for that list.
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