LAV-105 GLENDALE PD TOU "Knock Knock"

1/35: Italeri #259 AKE

Year Built: 1996

Notes:  This is a diorama of a fictonal upgrade to the LAV-25.  I outfitted it with a 105 gun tube for launching breaching rounds, then painted it up serve with the Glendale, AZ Tactical Operations Unit.  I made the decals in Photoshop and printed them using a laser printer on white deal material.  The figures are from various SWAT and military figure sets.

M-1 ABRAMS "I'd Give Up Too"

1/35: Tamiya #MM-224AAKE

Year Built: 1997

Notes:  This diorama represents a fictional, but completely plausible scene from Desert Storm where an Iraqi tank crew was smart enough to surrender on first contact with the mighty Abrams.  The Iraqi crew are figures from Verlinden.


1/35: Tamiya #3632 AKE

Year Built: 1997

Notes:  This diorama shows an M-2 Bradley dumping out a four man fire team for action.  The infantry are from the old Tamiya 'Modern Infantry' set.

M4A3E8 (76)W HVSS Sherman

1/72: Dragon #7302

Year Built: 2017

Notes:  A great Sherman kit from Dragon.  It had a ton of details and parts fit was great, even though the suspension was a bit 'fiddly'.   I played around with a typical European muddy tank trail for the groundworks... I'm pleased with the it.  Overall, a welcome addition to my collection.

M-60-A1 RISE

1/72: ACE Corp #MM-3340

Year Built: 2011

Notes:  This is the only Ace Corporation kit i've ever built, and I was plesantly surprised.  Detail and parts fits was great, although a few of the pieces like the turret bustle rack were very thick.

M113 APC & M151A2 MUTT "Lost in the Snow"

1/35: Tamiya #3632 & 223A

Year Built: 1994

Notes:  This old diorama is a mix of figures on and around the two vehicles, as the two officers figure out where they are in the world.  It is loosely based on something I saw first hand in 1984.


1/72: Italeri #7005AKE

Year Built: 2007

Notes:  This Israeli Defense Force Merkava kit had really nice detail and the fit was great.  It's painted with Vallejo Acrylics paint.  I was lucky enought to take home a medal with him at the 2007 Arizona Regional 'Modelzona' show.  

PAK40/L46 7.5Cm AT GUN "Reposition"

1/35: Tamiya #35047

Year Built: 2007

Notes:  This was a very nice kit from Tamiya.  It came with the gun and the crew.  I cut up and repositioned heads and limbs to show them moving the gun into a new firing position during the Battle of the Bulge.  I made the snow using plain old plaster of Paris covered with corn starch, then sealed with satin clear.


1/72: Italeri #7007

Year Built: 2009

Notes:  Another nice kit from Italeri.  Fit was good, and the skirts weren't overly thick.  The brackets for the turret skirt were a bit of a pain, but using some PlastiWeld gave me just enough working time to get them all in place the first time.


1/72: Dragon #7269

Year Built: 2008

Notes:  This was my first Dragon 1/72 armor kit, and I loved it.  Amazing fit and detail.  I went back to using enamel paints on this one, and ended up winning two awards at the 2008 Arizona Regional 'Modelzona' show.