February, 2016

So my buddy is also in to sims, but hasn't jumped off of the cliff yet towards having a full sim.  So we have updated his version 1 desktop pit to this beauty.    It is designed so that you can easily store it in a closet or a corner of the room, and when you are ready to fly, just slide it infront of your computer desk and plug in one USB along with one power cable and you are good to go.

Version 2

It's a Playseat mounted to a 3/4" MDF base, with a raised portion for the Saitek Pro Combat pedals, and the Thrustmaster Warthog stick and throttle.  The base for the throttle came with the seat, but he didn't care for the center mounting solution for the stick.  So we used my design for my stick mount in the Dudley Simpit, and used it here.  There is a powered USB hub mounted under the seat that all of the periphials plug into.

We also added an extension to his Warthog that incorporates a 15 degree offset.  By including the 'cyclic like' extension instead of a straight one, we kept the controls nice and close to him without having to modify the seat at all.  I think he just has helicopter envy myself.. who wouldn't?

He was a Naval Aviator when he was younger (much younger)... says putting rotary time in your log book is like putting syphillis in your medical record.  He'll like the helicopter envy part! :)

Warthog Stick

Overall, the extension adds about eight inches to the stick.  This was the most we could do before the left/right travel started hitting his legs to much.

The stick base is made from 4" PVC, with a plumbing flange on the bottom and cleanout cap on the top.  You can see how it's made in one of my other simpit projects.

The extension is made from PVC conduit and plumbing parts.  I made the Thrustmaster connection points top and bottom by using an M36x2 tap and die set I picked up off of eBay and some plumbing connectors.  It worked out well, especially considering it was the first attempt.  I am going to keep practicing and if I get good enough, I may consider selling it as a kit to other simmers. 

More Cowbell... I mean stick

Another shot of the stick extension.

The Ride Home

Once we got it loaded into his truck for the 30 minute ride over to his house, I tried to convince him to let me drive him home so he could ride in the back sitting in the pit acting like he was flying.  We decided there likely would have been too many accidents with everyone gawking at him...  I think it would have been worth it!