Curious as to what a Simpit is huh?  Well, put simply, it is a simulator that allows the user on his PC to fly planes, fly helicopters, drive cars, and maybe even control science fiction robots all from the comfort of his own home, in a much more immersive environment than just sitting in front of your computer at your desk.

One of the issues experienced by sim gamers is trying to remember the multitude of different keyboard commands to get the simulator to do what you want.  The more complicated and accurate the simulator program, the higher the number of keystrokes required to use it.  Compound that by the fact that if you play multiple different simulations, there are different keystrokes to get the same effect... to operate your landing gear in one game might be 'L', and in another it might be 'G'... get it?  Multiply that times six or seven sims each with between 40 and a couple hundred switch/keystroke commands and it can get quite confusing.

After looking at the sims I use the most (Microsoft Flight Sim X, Falcon 4, IL-2, DCS A-10C, Arma 3and rFactor 2), I compiled a list of over 500, yes 500 different key commands to do everything in all of the games.  That is a LOT to remember for a part time sim jockey.  By having a simpit, and being able to map the various key commands to the same control in the pit, it will simplify many things.  No matter what sim I am flying, the landing gear lever will always work the landing gear in the game.

So there you have it, the concept for the Simpit.  Take a look at the work below, and you will get a better idea of where I am talking about.

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Simpit Status, Feb 2016

The pit as of March 2016.  Includes the new v2 Cougar collective and a newly mounted stick.  I also removed the three screen setup, going for a single screen in preparation for a VR purchase in the next few months... muh ha ha ha...

Project: Desktop Simpit v2, February 2016

A new and improved version of my buddy's desktop pit.  He is slowly succumbing to the sickness of always wanting to have a bigger, better, badder simpit!  Muh, ha, ha, ha.

Project: Cougar Collective v2, December 2015

My project to make the version 2 Thrustmaster Cougar Collective.

Project: Pit Rewiring, November 2015

A complete rewiring of all switches and lighting in the pit.

Simpit Status, September 2013

The pit as of September 2013.  Includes a new mounting at the version 1 Cougar collective mod, remounted pedals, and a new seat slide mechanism.

Project: Backlighting, September 2012

Installation of green backlighting throughout the pit.

Project: Cougar Collective v1, December 2011

The first version of my Thrustmaster Cougar mod.

Project: Desktop Simpit v1, December 2011

A first attempt to build a simple desktop based pit for a fellow simpilot using PVC.

Simpit Status, July 2011

The pit as of July 2011.  This is the first fully functional pit including the Warthog stick and throttle, functional panels, and three screens.  The first of many versions.

Project: Door Latch, January 2011

My custom built door latching project.  Surprisingly, I get a lot of questions about it.

Project: Simpit Assembly, July 2010

The first assembly ever of the Dudley simpit.

Project: Simpit Design & Construction, April 2010

How I turned wood, aluminum, and way to many man hours into a dream.

Simpit: The Beginning

The start of the addiction.
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