September, 2013

It's been around two years since the last status check.  I've spent most of that time actually using the pit instead of working on it (and that's a great thing!), so this will be a relatively quick update.  The only real changes were the completion of getting all of the backlighting to work, and in getting my helicopter collective built and installed.  I rearranged some of the panels, taking some from the rear of the left console and moved them to the right side in vertical mountings.  Made getting to the switches much easier.


You can see the new vertical housings for the three switch panels on the right console/door.  These switches have lots of primary systems power and fuel system controls, so I was using them almost every flight.  

Getting them up here also left me more verical space in the left console to fit the new collective in place.


In this shot you can see that I have folded the Warthog throttle tray out of the way, and my new Cougar Collective is up and ready for use.

Race Ready

The pit is now configured for racing.  When the stick comes out, it gets stored over on the left.  The rudder pedals fold up into the right footwell, and the car pedals fold down out of the left footwell.  It works like a champ.

I am using an old Saitek PCDash2 for my interface for rFactor.  It works okay, but not great.  I will build a better dash one day.

It Even Glows

Here is a shot with the room lights off and the pit backlighting on.  I ended up adding the extra pit lighting so prominent in this shot to give me some light in the footwells.  This makes it much safer getting in and out of the pit when the room is dark.  Voice of painful experience there gang...

I took this shot during the day with just the blinds/curtains drawn, so the effect isn't as good as when the room is pitch dark.